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Treat cavities with composite dental fillings

Your child’s smile needs to be healthy to function at its best. At South OC Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we are committed to helping you restore your child’s smile when problems such as tooth decay arise. We serve families in the Mission Viejo, California, community, and when issues like cavities impact natural teeth, it can have a devastating effect. Fortunately, when caught early, most cavities can be treated effectively with pediatric composite dental fillings.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Drs. John De Lorme and Sam Wu describe tooth-colored fillings as composite resin restorations used to address tooth decay. When acids and sugars remain on the teeth, they can cause damage to the natural tooth enamel. Holes form in the tooth. While some kids may complain about sensitivity when enjoying sweets or more severe pain, it is crucial for you as a parent to have your child evaluated for cavities. If they have developed cavities, fillings are used to seal the holes in the tooth and protect it from further damage.

What can my child expect during a cavity-filling appointment?

Cavities need to be treated as soon as they are spotted. This can be done with a physical evaluation or with the assistance of dental x-rays. To prepare the tooth for a filling, your dentist will need to remove the damaged, decayed portion of the tooth. Then, the area is filled with the composite resin material. It is placed into the space created and then cured with a special light. Once hardened, he then files and polishes the resin to seal the tooth and ensure the final restoration looks completely natural in the tooth. Because composite resin fillings are tooth-colored, they blend in beautifully with the tooth and are difficult to discern from natural tooth enamel.

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