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Your Child’s First Visit
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Your Child’s First Visit

Benefits of a 1 Year Well Check

We know you must be wondering why it’s important for your baby to visit the dentist if their teeth will eventually fall out naturally. To keep your infant’s smile safe, healthy, and strong for years to come, it’s important for a board-certified pediatric dentist to examine their current oral health. Baby teeth provide the “path” that the adult teeth will follow when they begin to erupt. If your child’s baby teeth are decayed, or they lose a baby tooth earlier than they’re supposed to, this could lead to further oral development issues as your child grows. Schedule your child’s first appointment at South OC Pediatric & Orthodontics today.

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What To Bring To The Appointment

It’s our goal to keep visits seamless, soothing, and stress-free from start to finish. To keep your child’s time with us as streamlined as possible, be sure to bring your insurance information to their next appointment. We are proud to be in-network with a variety of insurance plans.
To minimize wait time in our office, our team also encourages you to fill out your child’s patient information forms prior to the appointment. We also invite your child to bring their favorite toy or blanket to their next visit! Whether your child has a go-to stuffed animal or a snuggly blankie they love, let your child know they are more than welcome to take it to our practice. Having a comfort item close by can help boost your child’s bravery and encourage security throughout their visit.

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