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Why Might My Child Need Restorative Care?

Oral health issues can follow people for all their lives, so it’s really important to stay on top of your child’s dental needs. In some cases, restorative treatment might be necessary when your child is dealing with some dental problems like cavities, chipped teeth, or even infections.

Even with a good oral hygiene routine, these dental problems can still appear and affect the health of your child’s teeth, which is why it’s so important to make routine visits to the dentist’s office from a very early age.

What to Expect During the Appointment

First, the dentist will inspect the child’s teeth to spot the signs of troubles, such as cavities forming, or cracked or chipped teeth. Based on what we find, we can establish a good treatment plan to address these problems right away, making sure your child’s teeth are healthy and strong.

Children can have a difficult time during their visits to the dentist, especially if they are already experiencing a bit of tooth pain. Not to worry because the team at South OC Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics have a gentle and caring approach that will help your child get through their treatment!

Restorative Treatment Options for Children

Composite Dental Fillings

If your child has a cavity, the dentist will remove the decayed area and fill the hole with a composite dental filling to restore their oral health.

Pediatric Dental Crowns

These can be necessary for bigger cavities, but also to repair a broken or chipped tooth, or a primary tooth that hasn’t grown correctly.

Space Maintainers

These are used to hold the space left by a baby tooth until the primary tooth can grow, making sure the child won’t have misaligned teeth later on.


If there’s a baby tooth with a severe cavity, a pulpotomy can remove the decayed tissue that has likely reached the nerve, causing pain.


Baby teeth can be extracted before they loosen on their own to allow the primary teeth to grow better, reducing misalignment problems and other dental issues.


Even adults worry about feeling pain at the dentist’s office, and many restorative care procedures can add fuel to this fire. However, South OC Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics has several sedation options available to make sure your child doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort while we restore their dental health.


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Restorative care is designed to support the child’s healthy dental development. The goal is to address the dental issues while taking into account the future changes the child’s teeth will naturally go through.

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